Our Why

For decades, the founders of Legacy C-Suite, Michael, Joe and Diane, have assisted business owners in achieving the goals of: Creating and Enhancing Business Value & Realizing that Value. Creating business value and ultimately, monetizing that value is a complicated and challenging endeavor in an ever-changing environment. The process can be overwhelming and frustrating to business owners, especially when faced with the reality that:

  • Of businesses put on the market, 70% to 80% are NOT sold
  • Within one year of selling, 75% of owners regret their decision
  • Only 5% of owners who sold, were happy with the net proceeds
  • Few owners understand what adds to value and what detracts from value

Legacy C-Suite is committed to changing those statistics. Grounded in the Mission of supporting businesses to generate wealth, fulfill dreams and enrich lives, we work with business owners and stakeholders of privately held companies to create monetizable business value and business sustainability.