Continuous improvement is a requirement for the long-term viability and value creation of a business. The challenge for business owners and their leadership teams is to identify and act on those areas of greatest leverage for that viability and value creation. Many of these challenges can be characterized as follows:

  • Inability to distinguish between symptoms and true causal factors.
  • Desire for the easy and/or the quick fix in lieu of approaches that yield long-term, lasting benefits.
  • Lack of understanding of/focus on the key leverage areas that can create meaningful, positive change for a business.

We assist business leaders in understanding the key leverage areas of change in the business:

  • Purpose
    • Clarify and emphasize the “Why” of the business.
    • Focus on value creation.
  • People
    • Making sure employee behaviors are consistent with organizational culture.
    • Having employees whose talents and skills are consistent with organizational needs.
    • Ensuring that employees are in the right positions in the organization.
  • Processes
    • Ensuring that the organization has processes that facilitate performance excellence among employees.
    • Ensuring that employees are trained in the effective use of those processes.