Diane Thomas

Founding Member

Diane Thomas is a Founding Member of Legacy C-Suite. For Diane, Legacy C-Suite is the final piece of the puzzle. As President of Premier Sales, Inc., a 30 year-old Business Sales, Mergers & Acquisitions firm, Diane found that 9 out of 10 businesses were not in sufficient condition for a successful sale and the one saleable business was not at maximum value potential. For almost two decades, she has been in search of a team and a strategy to improve the odds of success for business owners.

Diane has dedicated her professional life in pursuit of supporting business owners and stakeholders to generate wealth, fulfill dreams and enrich lives. With expertise in business valuation, market timing, value enhancement strategies, monetizing business value and succession planning, Diane has helped business owners exceed their financial, business and personal objectives. Her business sale transactions often hit an industry high for multiple on earnings and her success rate is 75% compared to the industry’s 30%.

Her professional experience includes real estate investment & management, acquisition analysis, market analysis and due diligence. Diane remains a Founding Member of Pacific Financial Advisory Group, a bank consulting firm specializing in regulatory compliance, portfolio risk analysis and acquisition due diligence.

Diane earned her Bachelor of Science degrees in Quantitative Analysis and Finance from California State University, Long Beach. She holds an Arizona Real Estate Broker License and is a Certified Family Business Specialist. Diane shares her life with her husband John and their blended family of five children.